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  • 🕹️ Do you have what it takes to become a game developer or artist, but no experience? We’ve got good news for you! You can become an apprentice at an oFON team and start climbing the career ladder now!
  • 🕹️ We accept highly motivated talents who possess great potential in hypercasual industry as apprentices to fast-track their growth. No diploma or previous work experience required.
  • 🕹️ Apprentices work 3 days a week under supervision and spend the rest of their time on personal growth. Assigned coaches provide apprentices with everything they need, even in off hours.
  • 🕹️ Apprenticeship lasts three months max, but apprentices are promoted to full-time positions as soon as they demonstrate required skill sets and professionalism.
  • For more information, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there an application fee?
No, it’s free to apply.
2Will there ever be a fee for oFON members?
We will never charge oFON members a fee for the support we provide.
3How do you support oFON members?
oFON teams receive funding from Rollic and operational support from tiplay studio.
4Is oFON mainly targeted towards teams that develop hypercasual games?
Yes, but we do consider accepting teams from other mobile gaming genres, especially if there is a good track record.
5What exactly do you do to support oFON members?
We provide monthly payments to oFON members just to make sure the only thing they focus on is game development. Our experienced executives, game managers and technical leads constantly coach oFON teams in game development, design, art and QA. We provide oFON members with the understanding and vision needed to release hit games. When a game is soft-launched by an oFON team, tiplay studio temporarily assigns some of its employees to them, just to make sure the launch process is accelerated. Our continued support also covers coaching regarding growth, strategy and legalities. Overall, we do everything to help oFON members become successful global gaming startups as fast as possible.
6What is Online Workspace (OWS)?
OWS is the only mobile game development platform in the world that enables remote work. OWS is created for oFON members and tiplay studio exclusively in order to boost ideation, creativity and game development processes.
7Why doesn't oFON take equity?
We created a win-win environment for our ecosystem where all parties focus on the same goal: releasing profitable games together. This is why we positioned ourselves as strategic partners who benefit from the same product, rather than investors who expect a specific financial return in a set amount of time.
8We are thinking of applying to oFON, but we have jobs (or schools to attend). Can we still apply?
No. All oFON team members are required to develop games on a full-time basis during their tenure, and they cannot work on another job part-time, full-time or as a freelancer or contractor. They cannot attend a full-time academic program such as an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree.
9Our team members are in different cities and we are working remotely. Can we still apply as a team?
10Is the program virtual, or do we need to be somewhere physically?
The whole program is virtual, and all oFON members can work remotely. Meetings, workshops and other events are held via online video conferencing.
11Is there a geographic limitation for applying?
No, oFON applications are open to the world.
12Is it better to apply early?
Yes. We do accept teams in between cohorts once in a while, so it may be to your advantage not to wait till the last minute.
13What happens if our application makes it to Pitch Day?
After the application is selected as a finalist, you will pitch your team to the jury in 20 minutes virtually. The jury decides whether or not you are accepted to oFON.
14When does the jury announce the results of Pitch Day?
The following week the latest.
15What exactly do we need to present on Pitch Day?
The jury wants to see how ready you are as a team to grow and how good your capacity is to produce hit games. In addition to the quality of the founding team and its track record, the jury would like to understand how you will handle ideation, creativity and development. You will also explain your financial requirements in detail for one year.
16How many teams will be accepted to oFON?
There is no limit to the number of the teams we accept in a cohort.
17Is it necessary to have a published game for admission?
No, but it will help.
18We worked with a publisher before, can we apply?
Yes, as long as you don’t have a bounding exclusive contract. In fact, we prefer applicants who have worked with other publishers before, since they definitely appreciate the value of 360-degree coaching and extensive feedback mechanism as well as technical support and community benefits.
19We signed an exclusive game publishing agreement with a publisher. Can we apply?
No, you cannot, unless the deadline of your exclusive publishing agreement is reached before the official start date of the oFON cohort in question.
20How often will oFON announce new cohorts?
We are planning to have summer and winter cohorts, but additional cohorts can be announced.
21Is it possible to join oFON in between cohorts?
Although rare, it is possible. This is why we encourage you to apply as soon as you can.
22What kind of an agreement do we enter if we are accepted?
A publishing agreement. oFON members agree to publish all of the games they produce during their tenure for one year exclusively with Rollic and tiplay studio.
23Who serves as the oFON jury?
Executive members of Rollic and tiplay studio.
24Is there an age limit to apply?
Yes, all applicants must be 18 years old or older.
25I am a solo game developer. Can I apply?
No, for scalability and sustainability purposes. One person may build a great prototype or even a game that can be soft-launched, but it gets very tricky when it comes to launching a game, since it may require adding sophisticated meta game features, integrating a good number of SDKs and as well as hundreds of levels in a week or two.
26Should we apply separately or as a team?
As a team.
27We have already been working in the game industry as game developers, designers, artists etc. for a while, but we mainly focused on a genre/format that has nothing to do with hypercasual. Is oFON appropriate for us?
If you decide to become a hypercasual studio, yes! In fact, your previous game industry experience in other verticals can become an indispensable asset if you can convert it into something you can use for hypercasual games. However, it may also do more harm than good if you fail to adapt, as fundamental aspects of hypercasual game development such as production cycle, coding methodologies and art style are very different than, say, casual and midcore.
28We already raised funding. Can we still apply?
Of course, we are not interested in your cap table, as long as you have the authority in your company to make strategic decisions such as signing an exclusive publishing deal.
29What is the primary language that we will use in verbal and written communications during our tenure?
English. You will have to have at least one co-founder who can speak English. However, we do have team members who are fluent in other languages such as Turkish, German and Arabic.
30What is a typical week for an oFON team member?
You will be working pretty hard just like all everybody else in the ecosystem, and we will be with you whenever you need us. We expect you to spend 80+ hours a week on your games - that’s how we started our startups, and most people in our community still work that way. You will have weekly and sometimes daily meetings with people from Rollic and tiplay studio in addition to regular events and workshops. You will give monthly briefings to the CEO of tiplay studio, and quarterly reports to the oFON jury regarding your progress in online meetings. We organize informal ecosystem meetings with other community members weekly, just to make sure we share what we learn and keep ourselves up to date. We organize educational workshops regularly for your professional growth, and we encourage you to have mentorship sessions through GAN’s network. We don’t tell you what to code or how to create a model, we just create a positive work environment that is powered by constructive feedback and constant coaching about hypercasual game development. We make sure you have lots of help when you need, especially when you are about to launch a game. We may even assign some of the tiplay studio employees to your team when you are launching a game, just to make sure you have all the support you need.
31Do we need to write a business plan?
32Do we need to incorporate before applying?
33Can we apply more than once?
34Where are you guys located?
Turkey, the #1 hypercasual game development ecosystem in the world.
35Are we ever going to meet oFON staff or other oFON teams in person?
Why not?